Hi! I’m Shalan, aka Studioist.

Since I could DIY, I've been DIY-ing. Creative problem solving is my happy place, my "yoga" if you will.  It comes out in different forms different days, be it illustration, calligraphy, sewing, baking, travel planning, etc. For me it's all about the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment of completing something I love with my hands and having it resonate with others on some level. Yes, it sometimes gets messy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.



A journal devoted to adventures in home cooking + baking, DIY, and our semi-nomadic lifestyle. It keeps me accountable for making sure to do a little something I love everyday, sharing in the hope of making someone’s day brighter, more positive, and extra delicious!


On my first trip to Europe I took thousands of photos. Five percent were of me and ninety-five percent were of old buildings with beautiful architecture so I began keeping a sketchbook of my travels, specifically illustrating buildings I found particularly lovely, top sights, and places of significance to me. Now our adventures and fondest memories are encapsulated by our favorite places and spaces—from the coffee shop we frequent to iconic structures abroad—hung on our wall!

Check out my shop for some city collections and information about custom home, building + venue illustrations! They make thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone from newlyweds, new homeowners, birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and those who are feeling nostalgic.


I really discovered my love of food after years of health issues forced me to adjust my diet (no cow’s dairy or gluten, not by choice, meat-free by choice). Now I love scouring the internet and cookbooks for the best dairy-free, gluten-free recipes, developing my own, and adjusting old favorites to accommodate dietary preferences. Though most of my recipes can be easily adapted to your way of eating, whatever that is. No one is going to go hungry here. Then I discovered food styling and it’s been a whirlwind romance ever since.


My newest obsession! As a graphic designer by trade, I literally spent semesters studying letterforms and since I got my first dip pen set in 2015 I haven't been able to put it down. It’s been fun incorporating it into my designs ever since and I can't wait to expand and help others with their lettering needs.



Want to work together or just say hi? I will also accept hiya, bonjour, wassup and g'day! :)

For inquiries relating to everything from creative collaboration to custom creations, send me a note at hello@studioist.co.

I would love to hear from you—questions about my work, comments, anything you would like to see, thoughts, whatever…

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